IMAG1769Welcome to Wholesome Journeys – a Journey towards Health and Well Being for Each and Every One

It’s a Journey that each of us can decide to walk for ourselves towards optimum health, within our own capacity and potential. This makes this journey, unique for every one.

Health is a word that is very much used and abused for commercial purpose, to sell stuff to become healthy. Within this we have lost the essense of what it means to be healthy. Because, can we be or become healthy if we do not consider ourselves as a whole as who we are? Can we become healthy if we do not understand how we actually function? If we are even not aware that we exist of a mind, a body and a being as a trinity in interaction and interconnection with each other?

We are most aware of ourselves as a mind functioning, with our thoughts, feelings and emotions in front of ourselves as the part that we mainly allow to determine who we are. Then we are somehow aware that we have a physical body that we need to take care of, although most of us do not exactly know how to do this properly, because we do not know how our body exactly functions. Within this we have ourselves as a being, as something that we are often not aware of at all. Our being is our awareness of what life is, of how we are life as ourselves and how life as a whole, within and without is interconnected and how nothing and nobody can be seen separated.

This means that to become one and equal as life, we need to take care of everything and everyone, because everything and everyone is interconnected and of influence on each other and on – and as – life as a whole. And to become ‘healthy’ we need to become aware of ourselves as a whole, as the trinity of a ‘body-being-mind’ as a living organism as a whole. So, coming forward out of this, to be or become healthy, we need to consider ourselves as a whole, in equality and oneness with life as a whole, within and without.

And that, is a Journey to walk. We have never done this, we have not yet considered ourselves as life as one and equal as all life here. So we need to walk into this to be and become a Healthy or Wholesome Living Being. So we have so much to investigate and to learn. From ourselves and from each other.

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One aspect that is of large influence on our health nowadays is, money. Where we all can see that money is placed above life, where it is seemingly more important than the possibility of a healthy, wholesome life for every one. Shouldn’t it actually need to be so that money is available for – and used by everyone, to support oneself with, to become this wholesome living being, walking towards one’s utmost potential? However, to not let this distract ourselves from first and foremost, taking responsibility for our own health, our own well being, where and when possible due to living circomstances.