Day 12. New developments

Day 12. New developments

A few months ago I was referred to a video of dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, who discovered that not only cancer but also other diseases are triggered by unexpected shocks and traumas, which do affect the body and bring it in disbalance. He discovered it, due to developing cancer himself, after the death of his son and so his main focus in his researched was cancer. There is a lot of information on the internet about it, such as this video.


The therapy that he developed called the New German Medicine (NGM).

This resonated instantly with me, especially because of the Desteni I Process that I’m walking, which aims specifically on investigating our emotions, feelings and thoughts, to describe and to apply self- forgiveness and self-correction and hence on the shock and trauma, in  which you finally also get into the deeper layers of the mind. A method is described in the NGM to  use a CT scan to get information on the cause of cancer.

Because, for me there is no evidence of the existence of cancer, there are no physical manifestations yet, not even in radiographically/ultrasound/laboratory findings, and  I’m trying to figure out whether there are other ways to find out the nature and situation of my cancer.

What became more clearly to me, is the fact that when you hear that there is cancer in the body (as in my case by the urine test) it is enough to set off all kinds of alarm bells and it causes a shock in your body to develop a mortal fear that can already be sufficient enough to give the cancer space to

I read that during our life span, cancer cells occur  in each person’s body, about 6 to 10 times. When the immune system is strong and healthy, the cancer cells will be destroyed long way before they can proliferate into tumors. (John Hopkins Medical School)

So for now I will continue my quest, and in the meanwhile I continue to use the Desteni tools, continue my diet (in a somewhat milder form), support my body with additional vitamins and minerals and use a Kinesiologist when physical changes occur so I can see what patterns have manifested within my body on which I can apply self-forgiveness.


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