Day 7. Redefining the word cancer

Day 7. Redefining the word cancer


For me, the word cancer has a negative definition because of the experiences I have had with it, I associate cancer only with negative outcomes. By redefining the word I’ll be giving a new definition to it.

The word cancer:


Croatian: rak, means crab/lobster

whispering the C word

Dutch: kanker


cancer (my zodiac)









chemo and radiation


hair Loss


bad news




book: the truth about cancer, natural cures


Turkish fruit (A dutch movie)

waste away




say goodbye

distended abdomen





Big Pharma

cancer (n.) Old English cancer “spreading sore, cancer” (also canceradl), from Latin cancer “a crab,” later, “malignant tumor,” from Greek karkinos, which, like the Modern English word, has three meanings: crab, tumor, and the zodiac constellation (late Old English), from PIE root *qarq-“to be hard” (like the shell of a crab); cognates: Sanskrit karkatah “crab,” karkarah “hard;” and perhaps cognate with PIE root *qar-tu-“hard, strong,” source of English hard.

Greek physicians Hippocrates and Galen, among others, noted similarity of crabs to some tumors with swollen veins. Meaning “person born under the zodiac sign of Cancer” is from 1894. The sun being in Cancer at the summer solstice, the constellation had association in Latin writers with the south and with summer heat. Cancer stick “cigarette” is from 1959.

  1. Kelley:

At least 86% of all cancer conditions could be adequately treated and/or prevented by diet and pancreatic enzymes.

Cancer is a symptom of inadequate and deficient protein metabolism. The real problem is protein metabolism, not cancer. Cancer is only a symptom telling those who would listen that their protein metabolism is in very serious trouble. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy only treat the symptoms of cancer.

How do I want to Live the word cancer?

  • I want to live the word cancer by choosing a healthy life.
  • I continue with the dr. Kelley diet, if there is more known about the origin of the cancer, and another diet seems to be more effective, then I will change my diet. I will seek as much information as possible for myself and I will keep writing about the possibilities to regain a healthy body.  I will listen other people’s opinions, and decide for myself if it’s useful to me or not.
  • I will ask, anyone who has already more knowledge about cancer, for advice and then test this myself.
  • I will apply self-forgiveness and self-correction on fear and sadness and in that way direct myself to determine my own direction.
  • Even if I have the idea, I made the wrong decisions,  I will apply self-forgiveness. Money is still a big issue for me and the fear of spending too much money on cancer. In retrospect I can see that this fear is pointless.
  • I will take this path step by step and realize that I will have to direct with each step that I take. I see clearly that I would rather depend on others and in this I will push myself and stand.


Cancer is a disease that arises when the process of cell division is disrupted within the body of a living being. The disorder can arise when emotional stress on the physical body becomes too much for the body by an accumulation of harmful elements, such as emotions, feelings and foods that do not support the body, through which the body will become highly imbalanced and it will either collapse or get back in shape again and heal itself through treatment.

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