How Addiction to Suffering and Pain Killed Me

full_life-review-how-addiction-to-suffering-and-pain-killed-meHere a being from the interdimensions share her life-experience of how she feared anything ‘good’ happening to her in her life, and how that fear transformed into an addictive life of the opposite: abuse, suffering and pain. She shares what she realised in her life review after death as how it happened within her life that she came to fear the ‘good’ and deliberate create the ‘bad’ and the consequences she faced because of it.

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About Author


In 2010 I began investigating holistic treatments to help me cope with stress, frustration and constant fatigue. I started practising self-forgiveness and personal development work. It was the start of a huge transformation in me and I gradually became a much more balanced, peaceful and happy person. Through this personal journey my passion in holistic therapies and assisting other beings with their individual emotional and physical problems has become paramount.


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