How I use my hotflash to support myself 7

How I use my hotflash to support myself 7

Parallel process

One thing that I reveal for myself within the process is that there are actually multiple processes we can move ourselves in a parallel way as possible.

Sometimes before I watched people busy on looking for the mind source for a body condition then I had this question coming up that why bother to find the sources of body symptoms, because they can be everything from multiple dimensions of mind system and through walking the process we are going to deconstruct everything after all! At the same time I was actually lacking this experience and confidence to deal with those old symptoms and body pains, I was too familiar with them already as consequence for so many decades, and it seemed I can still get along with them “so far so good”, and the sources of the conditions are such “huge issues”, can I really manage those issues after I got something about them? Thus I did not see that a path as an option for me. However, providing myself enough information and time to work with myself, now I see it actually can be a parallel process.

In the stage of the observation from my hot flashes, I had seen that within the days indulging myself with full of thoughts, the symptom would be more serious than the days I had much less mind activities. Thus, yes, if I can just stop everything, things would become much easier. So, then, obviously I didn’t just stop the mind activities effectively on daily basis. Except my own responsibility for the mind functions, I realized it still needs a process to allow myself some more experiences as applications, feedback, evidences, cross references, then the confidence from those experiences and also more of the clarification from information and the relations between things, until I went to this point that I was ready to conduct something more.

Then now with some more experiences and confidence through my process, and with all the information and clarification in relation to my hot flash, I came to the point to see and realize this is where I am ready for facing this body consequence to assist myself, I saw the symptoms can be served as immediate feedback for how I could effectively stop my personality patterns on daily basis, so I then applied everything I learned and obtained from everywhere to solve problems for myself. As I can really see how I practically change myself to diminish the symptom, I realize this practice actually supports my entire process.

I know it is not I must need such body conditions to support myself, nor should I wait until something become serious and unbearable then I found I must do something about it, actually as adults we all had something or another on the body to remind us what we had done to ourselves, and thus can through the symptoms to walk the process even faster, and from common sense we know it would take longer to change if overlook what has been manifested on body, thus even the mild body conditions can always reminds us to discipline ourselves more.

Further, with the fact that some long-term bodily consequence were formed through time, we might not terminate them so effectively in a short period of time, like now I am on the way cease the hot flash by using hormone treatment, it then would no longer become the feedback for how I deal with the relationships and other things, thus what always there support myself is the ordinary process I am constantly walking. Therefore we actually need parallel processes, as the matter of fact, in this process there has been evolved multiple parallel processes together at the same period of time and they certainly can assist and support each other.

To be continue…

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