Body-Being-Mind Relationship

bernardpoolman desteni thoughts creator maker_thumb[5]We all know to some degree that our mind does have an influence on our body. For example, as how we have experienced that when we are nervous, we feel it in our stomach area or when we are scared, we start sweating and our heart-beat goes up. However, within the medical system that is most common, body and mind are approached completely separated and within this, both area’s – as well the physical as the mind – are not completely investigated and understood, at all.

So here within this site, there is an overview of several ‘alternative’ methods and treatments to support our body. What is important within all the treatments, methods, products, supplements etcetera that we use as a bridge of support for our physical body, is to realize, see and understand how the mind is integrated within this whole process of physical support and how we as a being, are integrated within our mind and physical body and through this, function within and as this trinity. So that we will be able to support ourselves with the patterns that are involved and disturbing the physical functioning.

This is why within every situation, the three area’s should be investigated and supported where needed. And for this, we need to be/become aware of how our own mind is functions and what influence this has on our physical body and who we are within it all and how we can learn to direct ourselves within. Each one has the responsibility in this to take care of the body, being and mind as we alone living within this one body. (This within the consideration that most people in this world are not in the position to be able focus on this state of well-being with regards to surviving but, from the ones who are reading this, most are able to give it some attention).

The information and sharing on this site is meant as a open door for every one who is interested and willing to learn more about oneself and how one function as a whole and from here, how this then again is interrelated within the world that we live, through the relationships we form. It is a journey that each one is walking in their own unique and individual way, however there are basic principles that are the same for every one.

As a start to learn some more about the basics of how our mind functions, one can listen to the serie Back to Basics.

Blogs about the body-being-mind relationship are to be find under self-writings and also under the category body-being-mind. Several blogs are visible under different categories, which shows how within each subject, the body-being-mind relationship is mentioned as a point of influence.