Healthy Eating


Often one is seeing generalizations passing by, as for example ‘bananas are good because ……’ and then there is a whole list why bananas whould be healthy to eat. Within these kind of statements, there is not taken in consideration how every physical body is different and so, how for every physical body there are different foods and food compositions that are beneficial. Of course there are common things, as we all need protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals. But within this diversity there can be large and small differences that can and will be beneficial.

So, a question for us to look at here: is it really a statement that speaks of real consideration and insight in how a physical body is functioning and how the being-body-mind trinity is set up within? Or is it a way to try and sell a certain product to as many people as possible, using some benevicial qualities as a way to convince one another?

Throughout the years I (as the writer of this page) have learned to take some general approaches as a guideline and to within this, find my individual adaptations and specifications to align the general guideline with and within myself and my own body. And this is actually what we should all be educated in, so that we are able to do this from a starting point of common sense.

Because within a statement like ‘everyone should eat bananas because……..’ I do not see a starting-point of common sense existing, neather an individual alignment or consideration but more how it is said to generate energy and from energy, the stuff sells well or, at least it creates attention.

So what factor’s could be considered within food that is beneficial and individual aligned?

  • Bloodtype
  • Allergies and intolerants
  • Geographic location
  • Family history
  • Body constitution
  • Body condition
  • Gender
  • Food one grew up with from birth
  • Personal preferences and taste
  • Food quality and availability
  • Mind influences and integration

Let’s through time create some information to support ourselves and each other within these aspects, as a starting-point to each find a suitable diet that one can enjoy and that at the same time is beneficial and indiviual aligned.

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