Physical effect of self-forgiveness

Physical effect of self-forgiveness

The application of self-forgiveness is a tool to use to delete the emotional, feeling and thought patterns that we have believed, manifested and lived throughout our lives. In this manifesting, we even condition our own physical body to a state that is physically reflecting the believes that we have taken for granted, in/as the mind. So, from here, it is in common sense to see that the application of self-forgiveness can be used as well as a support to release the body from the falty patterns that we have made up in/as the mind throughout our lives and that have been lived throughout generations before us.

I have created consequenses within my own physical body. Here my own body is a point of cross-reference to see if I am effective in the application of self-forgiveness and to see if I am self-honest in it. Meaning: am I really honest about and towards myself in what I have taken for granted and what I have physically manifested, in how I have spoken, lived and behaved in a way that was not best for myself and so not best for all? So being self-honest means basicely: do I dare to see where I have not taken care of myself and/or another and so, created physical consequenses? Do I dare to face myself in this and admit to myself, okay, I did it wrong, I had no respect, let’s see how to bring forward solutions and better myself here. Self-honesty also means to dare to experience the pain that is caused, towards myself and towards another, from myself and/or from another, by living without respect and care. Here it is to be/become aware to not go into judgements again towards myself and/or another of how I/the other ‘did it all wrong’ and manifested consequenses, but rather see how to support myself within the moment, moving through the experiences and taking responsibility for it in/as myself, as well as for the point of control in it. Step by step, day by day.

Yesterday morning I was having difficulties within my large intestine – as many mornings, which means that I am having cramps within the intestine with the result of not being able to have a releasing stool. Throughout the past weeks, there are emotional reactions coming up while I am walking through points coming up that I see related to a manifested concept of ‘love’ as how it is known in this world and to emotional experiences of ‘neediness‘. This morning I decided to lay down with myself and start speaking self-forgiveness out load.

The moment I started speaking, my intestine started to make noises and I felt movements coming up inside and this kept on going while I was speaking the self-forgiveness. While speaking, emotions were coming up that I released within the words and that I released within an expression of crying. I went on with this until I felt as if a burden had gone, a burden that I was carying with me for already longer. How I do this is actually very simple: I lay down and start with what is coming up within me. I place my hands on places in my body/belly that are tensed or hurted, I push a little when necessary, I speak within a self-forgiveness statement what comes up in me and from here, see what further comes up. This can also be a memory that I have created emotional attachements towards. I do not go into ‘analysing’ what comes up in me but simply release myself from what I experience inside myself. I name it, I forgive myself for it and move on to the next. Here I bring the ‘falty patterns’ within a supportive expression for/as myself. I move myself through the emotional experiences while embracing myself in acceptance, towards and within understanding myself.

An hour or something more later, after this session of self-forgiveness I took a second cup of coffee (I have two in the morning) and I was able to go to the toilet again and release myself from the waste. Here I saw the movement direct related to how I released myself from the emotional burdens that I was holding on to within myself. They often say, when the large intestine is having difficulties to release, one is having difficulties to ‘let go’. Well, that I do recognize myself in for sure. However, how am I able to ‘let go’? As simply saying ‘okay, you have to let go’ is not enough, it has to be more practicle.

The application of self-forgiveness is the tool that I find most supportive in ‘letting go’. Self-forgiveness in itself, means ‘letting go’ of what I am holding on to in/as my mind, within thoughts and beliefs, within emotions, within feelings and within holding on to how I have defined myself in these thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feelings in/as my mind. So if we see how much we participate in thoughts, emotions and feelings during a day, during a week, during a lifetime until now, it is to see with common sense that it is not a solution to say ‘oh you are having difficulties with letting go so you have to let go’. This is not giving a specific tool of How to let go. It is not taken the mind consciousness system into consideration and it is not showing an awareness of how we specificely have created ourselves within and as this mind consciousness system; a system that we have accepted and allowed to manifest within and without ourselves. We have accepted and allowed to manipulate Life, within ourselves and without in this world by participating extensively within the mind consciousness system. So much that we even do not see, realize and understand how we did this, how we have accepted and allowed this and how we are responsible for this, within ourselves and without in this world.

So here I am walking through my own manifested consequenses, within my own body that I mainly experience within a disfunctional large intestine and emotional experiences coming up. The sounding of self-forgiveness is having an effect on this disfunctional pattern, the sounding of self-forgiveness is supporting in releasing the disfunctional beliefs and emotional experiences that I have physically manifested. In doing so, it is giving more room to my physical body to function properly.

The disfunctional pattern has manifested throughout the years during my life and so it’s not done in a moment and it is not the whole solution. After the letting go of the old, I have to create a new, healty script and live this script for/as myself and of course the body needs to be supported physically with for example suitable food and additional supplements. It’s an ongoing process of self-support. The application of (sounding) self-forgiveness is definitely a part of this support and it is a practical tool that entails a ‘letting go’.

Are you interested in learning how to use this tool of the application of self-forgiveness? This within the context of finding solutions for all live?

Visit this step by step course, it’s free online and available for everyone who has access to internet and the ability to write online.

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This blog does in no way contain a medical advise. With unclarity about a condition – physically or mentally – always contact a practioner/specialist/doctor in the related area to get the support you need and from here, see how you can additionally walk your own process to get to know and support yourself in relation to your own body and mind.


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