Schussler Salts and Celloid Minerals

Schussler Salts and Celloid Minerals

Celloid Minerals from Blackmore are based on the theory of Dr William Schussler from Germany who investigated, that when any living tissue is burned, only mineral ash remains therefor minerals must represent the basic inorganic building blocks and when different organs and tissues of the body are analysed for their natural content, they contain different minerals and different proportions. He concluded that minerals, in their different proportions must therefor be vital to the proper functioning of the body.

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Celloid Mineral Therapy was pioneered by the Australian naturopath Maurice Blackmore in the late 1930’s. Where Dr Schussler gives dilutions  – they call it homeopathic quantity, however there is up until now a discussion if the original Schussler saltz are homeopathic or not, as Schussler himself claimed that his system was unique and bore no relationship to homeopathy – which I subscribe from my investigations from information nowadays. In the Netherlands there is one firm that prepares the Schussler Salts following this original preparation method, they call them Vitazouten (VitaSalts) and do not fall under the Homeopathic legislation. However, the Schussler Salts (1873) contains infinitesimal amounts of mineral substance (about 1:1,000,000)  where the Celloid Mineral Therapy (1938) contains of tablets in physiologically active doses, which are developped in an area in which technical information on physicologically active nutrients was rapidly increasing.

The Schussler Salts are based on the theory that the re-astablishing of the mineral equilibrium can be done with the administration of the ‘homeopathic’ (or diluted) quantity. For example one takes the dilution and from here, the body will be able to absorb the whole mineral from the food again. Now if for example the food is lacking this certain mineral or one is eating different food, this mineral will not be absorbed in the amount that the body may need and so, it may not be enough or one need to take a lot of these diluted tablets. So from my perspective one can say that the Celloid Minerals are more alligned with the time where in we live at the moment and the lack of minerals that is found in our food and in the soil in general, this together with the accumulation of the mind within our body and the compressed processes that we walk through as human beings and ofcourse our busy lifestyles, but also that it depends on the amount of shortcoming that the body is showing, where one can decide to take higher doses (Celloid) to really supply the physical lack, or smaller doses (Schussler) used as a more subtile mind-physical support.

What I find interesting here, coming forward after some years of investigations within the use of mostly the Celloid Minerals but also some Vitazouten, within my own body is that the lack of certain same Minerals are time after time coming back. This can be because of certain body conditions that ask for more of a certain mineral to cure, it can be related to the type of food that I eat and, I am sure that it can also be related to certain thought-patterns and mind-programming that I have developped over years, that are resourcing or ‘consuming’ the same certain minerals from my body as how I have ‘conditioned’ myself and also, how my (mind-physical) constitution is from birth. So here an holistic approach is needed to really stabilize the mineral balance within the body and it might be even necessary to keep taking certain minerals if this is not find in the food anymore or more specific, not in the food that one is eating and it is actually necessary as a physical support, to keep on taking it until the certain/related thought-patterns and mind consciousness system programming are solved and deleted, so forgiven within oneself so that one does not recreate this ‘lack’ again through specific mind-participation.

This last part is an area that is open for investigation as it is not yet that common. It is mentioned within the theory of the Schussler Salts (Vitazouten) that a lack of a certain mineral gives certain emotional or mind conditions and also that an ‘overburdening of the mind’ can be (part of) the cause of the physical lack and so, it is a circle within ourselves as a living organism. This shows how the mind and body are very inter-related and also very integrated and within this, we have our ‘being’ as third part that we need to stand up in and as, as a ‘directing and leading living being’ in consideration of the mind and body that we are integrated and inter-related with, within and as ourselves.

To be continued in blogs to come with some suggestions how we can work with this and how it works as a ‘peeling of the layers’ of the mind-patterns and related physical conditions, where one can see coming up different lacks of minerals and where the intake of these minerals can be of support, for our physical body but also for ourselves to walk through the mind-patterns that we have stored, lived and integrated within and as ourselves. And, the decision to support oneself within, that is an example of where one can see the ‘being’ coming forward, as a direction as awareness within and as oneself, in relation to certain physical conditions and within (related) mind-patterns to walk through.

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This blog does in no way contain a medical advise. With unclarity about a condition – physically or mentally – always contact a practioner/specialist/doctor in the related area to get the support you need and from here, see how you can additionally walk your own process to get to know and support yourself in relation to your own body and mind.

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