Tom Kha Kai – Thai chickensup

Tom Kha Kai – Thai chickensup


2 tabl chicken bouillon

1 cane sereh (lemongrass)

few pieces of ginger root

250 ml coconut milk

2 table spoons vish sauce

juice of 1 lime

2 teaspoons sambal oelek

200 gr chicken (filet/saucages)

vegetables in different variations: carrots, sugar snaps / haricots, paprika, green union

fresh coriander

Boil 1 liter water and add the bouillon tablets, sereh, ginger and coconut milk. Let this cook for 15 minutes. One can now take out the sereh and ginger or leave it in.

When the chicken is raw, add the pieces and cook it until it is well-done; add the vegetables and cook for 5-10 minutes (do not overcook the vegetables). When the chicken is already done (with for example sausages), add the chicken after the vegetables are cooked.

Add the green onions, sambal, fish sauce and bring unto cooking again, then turn off the heat.

Add the juice of the lime and the fresh coriander.

Perfect it in alignment with ones own taste, body preferences and available ingrediënts.


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