Comfort Hippocrates

There are several technics and ways to support the body with the natural ability of sustaining it’s physical balance and optimizing it’s living potential. Within this it is prefered to use the support and technics that are aligned with the organic constitution that the body exist of and as. As well as that it is key to find out a disbalance in an early stage. There are several signs that the body is giving in a very early stage, however we have not learned to pick up the signs, to listen to the signs or, we do pick up and even listen to it but we do not always have access to ways to support our body and ourselves within.

Within the natural health approach, founded by Hippocrates, all diseases starts within a variation or disbalance of the four body-fluids (blood, slime, white/yellow and black gall). Only after having gone through three stages of disbalance and variations of the body-fluids, the disbalance will integrate deeper within the body on ‘cell-level’, so within the tissue of the physical body. The deeper a disbalance is integrated within the physical body, especially on cell-level, the longer it takes to bring the body back to it’s natural, healthy habitat and in several cases where the disbalance is existing in deeper layers on cell-level, it is the question if we are able to bring the body back to it’s natural, organic constitution. However, an organic and holistic support will always benefit the body in some way, also if ‘healing’ is not really possible anymore within this lifetime.

Here we need as well to consider that we did not support our bodies well through the generations – because we have not effectively learned and developped a way to do this so, there are already many disbalances existing from birth on, also often already existing on cell-level. So here it is more to see how to support our bodies as much as possible and especially focus on ‘who we are within’ this way of self-support.

We have shortly opened up that we consist of a trinity of body-being-mind that is in a continious interaction with each other. So here it is clear that each ‘level’ where a disbalance takes place, has an influence on the other two levels. So it will be most optimum if we constantly, support ourselves as well on a body, being as mind level, as in this way it is most effective to bring the body towards it’s utmost living potential. Where within this, when and as the body is within an optimum position to function well, this will give the best foundation for the being to express itself physically and for the mind, to function as an effective support-structure.

If we put this – very simplified – information together, it is clear how delicate the balance within the body and within this body-being-mind trinity is existing and moving every day. There is a lot of information already existing of how to support the body effectively, however the trinity of the body-being-mind is far from fully integrated within this and besides this, most ways of ‘natural health-support’ are not widely spread, abailable and/or founded as a serious way of health-care. So, there are much technices and ways to investigate and needed to be aligned with each other to bring forward a unique, organic and wholesome support for every one and every body.

Within this area, some treatments that are to be found supportive for the body in an organic way – this through personal/physical experience with it – are mentioned and explained as a possibility to choose as a physical support when and as needed.

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