Natural medicine

herbNatural medicine, as medicines from an organic source, can be used to support and/or bring back the natural functioning of our physical body and because it is organic – same as the body is organic – it will more easily being absorbed and used as support, without interrupting or blocking the natural processes that are moving within our body, day and night.

Does this then mean that we should only use ‘natural’ medicine and no synthetic medicine at all? I say no, that is not the meaning of it. It depends of the support and treatment that is needed within a specific moment or situation and it certainly depends on the history that has lead to this specific situation and within this, the time-frame that is being left for our body to heal.

An example of ‘non-organic supplements that can be very supportive, are vitamins and minerals, that are not all ‘natural’ but ‘identic to natural’, which means that the body will recognize the structure and substance as ‘food’ and from here, it will be able to use it for it’s functioning.

Natural medicine are excellent to be used in situations and moments of prevention, where it prevent ourselves and our body, to go into a deeper state of disfunctioning and it will support the body to work from inside out, meaning that it will bring the disbalance/disfunctioning to the surface in a way for the body to be able to release itself form it.

So it will not so much suppress a symptom or source, but more ‘work it from inside to the surface’ where synthetic medicine often suppress a symptom and within this it seems as if the symprom has disappeared however, it is only supressed in a deeper physical layer. Sooner or later, this will give a  – more severe – disbalance again.

However, I would say that the starting-point of using a specific substance for physical support – organic or synthetic – will be what is most important, as within a clear view and common sense, one can approach and see what in that specific moment is needed for the body, what one is aiming to reach for as a result, what is possible for the physical body and the being and mind within, how can it be used, how long does it need to be used and how to support when possible side-effects arise.

At the moment, the use of natural medicines is very much suppressed (so actually feared) within the western civilization, which is something that needs to be questioned in itself. Because, why do we not use the natural sources to it’s utmost potential, for every one on this earth? Why do we not educate our children in a basic understanding of our physical bodies and how to effectively support ourselves within? Why are natural treatments so difficult to find and investigate and besides this, not available on large scale because of the costs that many cannot affort?

Enough questions to look at and find solutions for. Natural medicine is based on principles that are honouring and supporting the life in and as our physical body and it could and should be available for everyone; to apply for oneself, to support each other with, especially now that there is so much information available on the internet. Within this it is important to get to know one’s own physical body, to learn to listen and to always use it’s signs and conditions as a guideline.

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natural medicine