Western herbs

Many western herbs that have a medicinal effect, are growing every where around us and are often called weeds. Take for example the Nettle, Dandelion, Hawthorn or Yarrow. We mostly tend to take them out, especially when they are really expansive growing in our garden. Well, there is a theory that if a ‘weed’ is expansive growing within our garden or living area, this may be a herb that would be beneficial for our physical body.

However, the use of herbal for physical support, is known and used in almost every culture, altough it is not accepted as a ‘medicine’ in the definition that we use in our regular healthcare system.

There are lots of investigations done around the substances of the ‘herbs’ that are used as medicinal plants and this is coming forward again in the western countries. Besides this, it is interesting to look at the plant as a ‘living being’ who has much more awareness than that we, as human beings, are aware of! So we can say that our view is very limited in this and so, the use of the plants for physical support and support in general for humans and animals, is in many ways compromised.

There is also a theory that the herbs that grow within the country that one is born in (or biological related to), are more aligned with our physical body and so it could be supportive to choose from the herbs that grow more or less around us. However, since we are nowadays so much expanding and communicating all over the world, this will give opportunity to exchange one’s knowledge and experience with all kind of herbs from different countries and so, we will be able to expand the possibilities of supporting our physical bodies and ourselves with the use of herbal medicine.


Achillea Millefolium