Physical Alignment

letselWe have already find out that we consist of a body, being and mind that are existing within a trinity. This means that they influence each other: our being is mostly channeled in our mind and our mind is located within and as our physical body. So, our physical body is shaped through the years under the influence of our mind or mind consciousness system.

If we start walking our ‘journey to life’ so to speak, we start walking through the layers in and as our mind, so walking through the layers that we have established as ‘patterns’ for example within ourselves that are consisting of everything that we ‘have learned’. The problem here is that we have learned many things that are not directly best for our physical body (or for this physical existence as a whole) and within this, our body comes under pressure. While this is happening through the years, the physical body is also adapting itself to a compromising state, to be able to keep on functioning the best it can under these circomstances.

Now if we decide and start changing these patterns within how we exist in/as our mind consiousness system, this is again then having an influence on our physical body. Here in, it will be of support to align our physical body with the process that we walk, as support to slowly bring it back towards and into it’s natural state and ability to function at it’s utmost potential and this is again of support for ourselves, to walk through the layers or patterns in / as the mind, so that our beingness can come into expression, within and as our physical body.

All the support methods that are mentioned in this website, can be used for this alignment. However here under physical alignment, we mention a few specific methods that will use the kinetics or information of the ‘apparatus of motion’, to directly support our physical body and ourselves within – to align ourselves with and within our physical body and from here, to align ourselves with this physical existence as a whole.