Vegan or not?

Vegan or not?

“Vegans and Meat eaters must realize one thing, the arguments are all against abuse, because it can never be against the killing, because plants and animals are both slaughtered/murdered for us humans to live, both requires a LIFE to be taken for the other to live, it is a matter of abuse that we need to change and we will change our ways in BOTH scenarios for Vegan and Meat eaters if and once the focus can be seen equally on both sides as the abuse MUST stop.” – Gian Robberts

There is already quite something written about being vegan or not. Veganism is not a solution in itself, because it is not solving the problem by it’s roots as how we as human beings are programmed with and within a mind consciousness system. If we all become vegan, the production of animals for food for human beings will be stopped, that is for sure and from here, a lot less animals will suffer. Everyone can see that.

However, we as human beings are still operating and functioning within and as our programmed state which entails inequality in itself. We are separated from our own physical bodies within and as ‘the mind’ – meaning participating, moving and speaking from a starting-point of thoughts, emotions and feelings and this will not stop if we all stop eating animals. It can even have an opposite effect because if we all do so and believe that we are ‘living the solution’, we will not see further, beyond this programming in/as the mind and so, not even consider who we are in thoughts, emotions and feelings. So where will we then start projecting our inequal existence on?

The animal kingdom is reflecting how we behave as human beings and how we breed ‘life’ for our own self-interest without taking this life in itself and the circomstances this life exists in, into consideration. We often (unconscious) do the same with our own offspring; I mean how many children are born without taking the life and the circomstances that they are born in, into consideration? From investigations it is pointed out that the poorer humans are, the more they tend to have a larger offspring, as kind of safety-net for survival. So, from this we can conclude that the survival-mode that we exist in, is related to how we (allow to) breed and how we allow to treat and eat our food, in this case the animal kingdom.

So, for a real, total solution we have to see further into the survival mode that we all exist in and as within this world, and this includes the plants and the animals, as all this life has a survival-program played out that we are all busy or need to start correcting /transforming ourselves in and as, including the animal / nature kingdom.

Only we as human beings have the abbility to make a total change in this. If we place ourselves at the top of the food-chain then we are responsible for how this chain is existing and continuing. From this perspective yes, it is imaginable how many people see going vegan as a solution as this will bring a change in the food-chain. However, the source of our irresponsible behaviour is not reveiled, understood/forgiven and corrected and so, we as human beings will not change unless we change ourselves in who we are directing ourselves with regards to our programmed mind-consciousness system within, from survival-mode in/as energy in self-interest towards physical equality and oneness in consideration of all physical life and unless we change the money-system that we allowed and/or created outside ourselves in self-interest in/as this survival-mode.

Another point to take into consideration is the state of our physical bodies that are still programmed to ‘survive’ in/as the flesh. If we take the blood-type-diet as a quideline, this means that the largest group on earth – bloodtype O – is doing physically well with eating meat and actually ‘needs’ this to stay in a healthy physical condition. So taking out the meat for this large group will have a consequense on the physical bodies and will unable (part of) these group to stand in equality and oneness at the moment with their own physical bodies. This does not mean that this will ‘always’ be the case but it is a point to take into consideration at the moment that can not be ignored. This can also explain why ‘going vegan’ will for several people make them ‘less physical’ and only going ‘more into the mind’ into an idea of for example  ‘feeling good by eating vegan’ while the own physical body is suffering without being noticed.

Then we have bloodtype A for example who is very well able to eat vegan or close to vegan. So it could be part of a solution as for example a group will start to eat less meat so that the ones who physically do not need it, are eating less and less meat (where the blood-type is not the only physical fact that should be taken into consideration but also for example physical labour, digestion-system, food we used to eat while growing up, physical conditions in general, phases the physical goes through, geographic location and more). Equality does not mean that we ‘all do the same’, it means that we all learn to stand one and equal to and as this physical existance, including our own physical body and giving everyone the opportunity to do so.

However, where we all stand equal is the point of the mind-consciousness system-programming that is directing us at the moment in and as a state of energetic survival and becoming emotional about eating meat is not helping any animal in the world as this makes us ineffective to actually do something constructive on a total world-scale and it will bring forward misleading signs to others which will activate conflict and emotional reactions without any co-operation on a scale that does matter on a long term. Because it is not applied from a starting-point of ‘what best for all’ but is only based on a starting-point of finding a solution that we think/assume that is best for the animals.

The animals will only really and long-lasting be supported if we as human beings will be able to change within and without from survival mode in/as the mind in energy towards oneness and equality in/as the physical.

I am not against veganism and my body has bloodtype A from where I quite naturally tend to eat very little meet, however I eat fish which is a group of animals that is under a lot of pressure at the moment. Not mentioning the omega-3 supllements made out of fish that are sold at a large scale, that is supporting many people at the moment, however on a total picture this is something to reconsider and investigate on solutions that are lasting and in consideration of all life.

Why do we not change how we treat the animals we eat? In this is already visible how we exist in survival-mode as human beings. Otherwise, we should already, have changed this approach from abusive breed towards a respectfull continuation of the animal kingdom that exists of mutual, physical support. As long as we are not doing this, it is clear that we do not yet understand how we a s human beings function and operate and how from here, the world- and money-system is functioning and operating and where in we are now keeping ourselves in this survival-mode.

The need and scream for ‘going vegan’ is pointing out the inequality that is applied with regards to the animal kingdom and life in general. One can stand by eating vegan based on different approaches, however it is not solving the problem as a whole.

So let’s focus on the roots of our abusive existence on earth and find solutions that are standing for once and for all, constant and consinuesly, although it might seem impossible to do so.

Let’s do it for the animals, for the plants, for the water. for the microben, for the earth, for the soil, for the stones, for the air, for ourselves as human beings, let’s do it for and as everything that exists in and as life. Let’s see further and from here, bring forward solutions.

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This is Steve, the child and the croc saying goodbye for now and to see what each one on earth is able to do to make a difference within the deliberate and unnecessary harm of the animal kingdom.”

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