Wants and needs, the approach of food

Wants and needs, the approach of food

I was walking in the supermarket where I looked at all the products and deserts in the refridgerator. In my mind, I was imagining how it would be if I could choose freely from all these products and taste them. For many years I am not doing this, because I have physical sensivities towards sugar and I can not eat too much milk-products because then it will be/become to heavy to digest. So I imagined how it would be if I would not have these physical sensivities and could eat them all, and all seems nice and tasty to me.

Then I imagined from a starting-point of awareness within and as my physical body and I experienced how eating all these products would not be what my body prefers and how it would burden my body and my digestive system and how the sugar would give the sensation of too much sweeteness and affecting my body in subtile contractions. From this starting-point, I did not experience a want or desire at all to taste all these products and it would not make sense to do so; I in this awareness, in/as my physical body did simply not have the need – nor the want – for these products to eat / to feed myself with.

Within this two approaches, it became very clear to me how much we are influenced by all these products on the planks in the supermarket and how it is distracting ourselfves from our physical awareness of what we need in and as our physical body. How I start to believe that I ‘need’ these products, that I ‘need’ to taste them and if not, I am missing out on something because ‘everyone else is able to do so’. I assume everyone else is able to do so because the planks on the supermarket are filled with it so that must entail that everyone or at least, a lot of people are buying it and I assume that if a lot of people are buying it, they should be able to eat and digest it proparly. And so, I compare myself towards others in and as my assumptions about them, coming forward out of the products that I see on the planks in the supermarket, that I see in the store that are ‘selling well’.

Is this the fact, that other people are able to digest these products proparly? That I actually do not know, I only know that the products are available in a large amount and so, they must be selling well. This has nothing to do with how their bodies are digesting these products and it has everything to do with the wants and desires in/as the mind to taste and eat freely from all these products, as how I described at the beginning of this blog.

Within this want and need, feeded by the consumption-availablities in for example the supermarket, I learn to adapt the needs in/as myself in/as my physical body to what I want in/as the mind and so, the food that our body needs, becomes adapted/changed/surpressed into my wants and desires in/as the mind, to satsify these desires in/as the mind. And the more I condition myself in/as my physical body to my desires and wants in/as the mind, the more I am loosing this awareness within and as myself as what my physical actually needs and is able to digest, what supports my physical body and what is a actually a burden to my body. And the more I burden my physical body and so, loosing my physical awareness in what I phytsically need, the more I start tending to ‘feed’ myself in/as the mind with products that I want and desire in/as the mind because this is the only thing that I experience within and as myself – I have lost ‘contact’ in/as awareness with and as myself, in/as my physical body. I ‘need’ to fill myself in/as the mind as substitution for this experience of ‘being lost’ within and as myself and so, I am loosing the awareness to make a deifference between wants in/as the mind and needs of and as my physical body. Because the ‘want’ in/as the mind, becomes a ‘need’ now as experience in/as the mind that I have physically manifested.

Within this, my physical body becomes a ‘burden to me’ because it is no longer able to support me effectively because it is busy with trying to sort out all these products as ‘burdens’ that I gave and give it to digest. So, I assume that my physical body is no longer supporting me, without noticing that in the first place, I did not support my physical body. I did not see it as a living organism that is working day and night, 24 hours to sustain a balance in itself, to sustain the live in itself, which gives me the opportunity to live here on earth and to birth myself in and as the physical as expession of myself in and as life.

groente aardeWhen we start eating what is supporting ourselves in and as the physical, we will become more and more aware of what our physical body needs and what is best for it at certain moments. This is quite a process to walk as we cannot in one moment change the adaptations in and as our physical bodies that we ourselves caused in the first place, as the adaptations have been physically manifested. So, we have to walk back that what we have created in/as the mind, to see how we created all the imbalances and where we placed all the burdens within and as ourselves, in and on our physical bodies and within this the process will be most effective when we support our physical body as well to bring it back to a supportive functional state (as far as what is possible within the current condition and situation that one lives in). Our physical body is patient, however it is also limited and we do not have endless time to sort this out. Because the burdens have consequences and it is destroying the live inside ourselves in/as the physical body, in/as this physical existance, as we all know and notice when we grow older and the symptoms are showing itself.

If your body is not so much showing physical symtoms of sensivities, then this path can be walked in common sense. This does not mean that one cannot ever eat for example something that is nice and sweet anymore, it does more mean that in and as common sense, each one has to approach the physical body on itself and see where it needs support and also from a basic-understanding about food in general, one can feed the body properly in allignment with the physical activities and conditions, instead of filling the wants and desires in/as the mind. This should be/become part of each ones basic-education.

So far for today a small example of the difference in approach in relation to food, from a perspective in/as the mind and from a perspective in and as physical awareness and how a shift/change in awareness and approach, can be the start of an eventual massive change and difference for ourselves in/as our physical bodies and from here, for this physical existance as a whole.

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This blog does in no way contain a medical advise. With unclarity about a condition – physically or mentally – always contact a practioner/specialist/doctor in the related area to get the support you need and from here, see how you can additionally walk your own process to get to know and support yourself in relation to your own body and mind.


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