What do I have in my life that I wish to everyone?

What do I have in my life that I wish to everyone?

Within my life I have had and still have the possibility to support myself and my physical body in a way that is best for me as life. I had the opportunity to start an education of natural medicine when I was 21 and it was a very cool education. It is not ‘regular’ so to speak and I had the luck that my parents could and were willing to support me financial with everything that I needed for this education. Here I learned to look at the body from a perspective as the body being a whole living organ in which al the systems are working together and influencing each other which means that when there is something out of balance, one start looking at the body as a whole and not at only the symptom that is showing the imbalance. This approach never stopped after finishing this education. With this education I layed a basic foundation of understanding of how the body functions and also to look further than where the regular medicin stops. Looking further actually means learning how to better prefend from getting ill instead of ‘walking behind the facts’

Natural medicine did not give the whole picture so I walked on and am still walking further. I have learned and walked the way to support myself back into a pretty well shape with the use of natural medicine and different kind of treatments, supplements, herbs, diagnose-methodes (including the ones from the regular medicine when needed), physical treatments, physical exercises and of course the largest education of how we function in and as a mind consciousness system integrated within our physical body as how is provided within Desteni, which I am continuing walking.

Through my work I had and have acces to and insight on most of the available products on the ‘market of natural medicine’ so to speak and because of my living location I had and have acces to a variability of food from good quality. This whole package, I wish to everyone to be available and actually it should be available to everyone. The sooner we start with learning how we function, the more we learn to prevent ourselves from getting out of balance and becoming ‘ill’ so to speak and if we have some genetical issues that we have to deal with, we can do this in the best possible way with the products, treatments and self-support that is possible. This is part of taking responsibility for ourselves as a being with a mind, within a physical body. However how the medical system is set up at the moment, this way to walk is not available to everyone, actually it is unreachable for most – because of money – and/or unknown because of too little information that is really supportive and a large medical organ that only works with the regular medicine which is often used in a very ‘late state’ of the physical and/or mental discomfort. So most people do not learn to take care of themselves within their physical body at all. Actually the same as how we do not learn to take care of the largest physical body here –  which is Earth – and all the Life on it.

Within a form of a Basic Income, there will be money available for everyone to give oneself the physical support that one reguires, which includes the education that is needed to sustain in balance. There will be human beings who will give their effort to support others to learn how to bring this self-care into practise, not because they need the money to survive, but out of an interest and self-expression to support others as life to it’s utmost potential. Also animals can be supported in this way – while we can learn from the animals in return. This can all be combined with the knowledge and information that is common within the regular medicine. There is a lot of information and practical experience possible already, so much more than what the regular medicin systems are providing at the moment. But it is not subsidiated and so not availabe for most people.

This is something that we need to change. It is part of our human rights, to have the ability, support and education to take care for ourselves and our physical body in the best way possible, from a starting point that is best for all life. If this starting-point is lived by all people, our so called ‘health’ will become so much better, only already because we no longer need ‘to fight’ for our ‘right to live’ as how we are doing at the moment to have enough money to live from. The amount of ‘stress’ will reduce immediately which will give a lot of ‘room’ to our physical body to rebalance itself, together with the support of the basic needs that is available for everyone.


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